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The Immigration Attorney who cares!

The founder of the firm, Gergana Genova, is an immigrant herself, who as an immigration attorney gets results for her clients. And we take every case personally and we fight to get your dream outcome.

Genova Law is not a mass volume-based firm.  So, if we take your case, you should rest assured we would take all the time necessary to prepare it and present it impeccably.  

Gergana Genova is a graduate of Pace University School of Law. Previously, Mrs. Genova was with a boutique firm in Jackson Heights, NY, where she handled various civil cases from filing until judgment. Mrs Genova is versed with all aspects of  Immigration and Nationality Law.

Further, as an immigrant from Bulgaria, Mrs. Genova brings a unique compassion to her Immigration clients. Deeply convinced that immigration is beneficial to us, as diverse communities embrace and teach tolerance, and bring about leaders, and innovators. As an immigration counsel, Mrs. Genova has helped many individuals secure their permanent residence, and eventually naturalize, through different programs available under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).


What sets us apart?


Immigration attorney Genova has helped a number of clients obtain permanent residence and eventually naturalize. Mrs. Genova’s approach is to guide her clients through the complicated immigration journey with compassion. Mrs. Genova takes her time to explain the immigration process in detail and let her clients be aware of the overall case strategy.


Immigration attorney Genova has worked on complex Immigration cases since 2011 when she joined a busy practice in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. Since then, she has handled a variety of immigration cases in complex legal issues and facts such as criminal bars, fraud, controlled substances, and multiple entries without inspection. Mrs. Genova is also an active member of a number of bar associations such as the Association Deportation Attorneys (ADA), the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA), and a number of professional groups. Mrs. Genova earned her J.D. from Pace University School of Law in 2008.


Immigration attorney Gergana Genova provides exceptional service because she stays abreast on all developments in Immigration Law. The practice of immigration is the most frequently evolving practice of all areas in the law. USCIS and DHS constantly update their process requirements and immigration attorney Genova is on top of all the changes. In addition, Mrs. Genova closely follows all the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Circuit courts’ case decisions so that she is updated on recent case precedent.