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About Us

Genova Law was founded by attorney Gergana Genova in Port Chester, NY. The firm is situated in a vibrant immigrant community where people from all over Central and South America settled.

Our goal is to provide high-quality and affordable legal services.

We bring a new perspective and philosophy to the lawyering industry – our goal is to make our clients feel that they are in a friendly and caring environment; we strive to treat every client with the utmost respect.

We listen not only to the legal aspects of every case but to the human and personal issues that are inevitably intertwined together.

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Practice Areas

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Immigration Law

One of the most frequently evolving areas of law. We are constantly monitoring the ever-changing law based on USCIS policy changes, case law from the BIA, and circuits around the country.

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Removal Defense

There are currently over 1.6 million pending cases with EOIR. Removal defense is challenging not only because of the complicated nature of the proceedings, but because the courts’ docket is so overwhelmed, it affects the practice as well.

Green card application lawyer new york city

Green cards

We can help you secure permanent residence through programs such as family petitions, SIJ, VAWA, U and T visa, Asylum. We know all intricacies of these programs based on the years we have dedicated to the practice of immigration law.


Michelle Leyva

2 months ago

Where do I begin! Gergana was recommended to my husband and I by a friend. She was wonderful and made our entire immigration process so easy. She was responsive and would answer all my questions. Her prices are reasonable, and definitely trustworthy anyone in need of an immigration lawyer should choose her.

Isa Munoz

a month ago

Mrs. Genova helped me with my process and from day 1, she demonstrated her human warmth, knowledge and professionalism. She is always attentive to any update, persevering and fair. I recommend placing your trust in her. Thanks so much!

Marla Deras

3 months ago

Gergana was extremely helpful, accessible, and responsive throughout the case. She is very professional and efficient. Since we started my son’s case no problems at all, trustworthy. She is really professional and I highly recommend her.

Bartolo Payano

a year ago

Everything was done in a timely manner and she explains the process in detail, step by step for the immigration process. She counsels you and advises you, very professional. Definitely recommend her services. I appreciate everything she did for me.

Melissa Yanez

3 years ago

Gergana is super approachable and she treats you like a human being. She treats every case personally and she truly does this job to help others. She has helped me step by step with my legal case and I am very satisfied with her work ethic. She is easy to contact and she has always returned my emails within a short amount of time. Plus, she speaks both english and spanish. I would highly recommend for others to seek her help if they are in need of assistance.

me. Couldn’t have done it without her guidance

Kevin Parada

2 years ago

I don’t have enough words to thank all your services. This is the place to go for immigration cases, she’s very professional and compared to other lawyers she cares about you not just your money, she’s an amazing person and all I can say is thank you very much. 5 stars is not enough for your professionalism.

Latest Success Stories

We are very excited for our client’s adjustment of status grant and that he is now a permanent resident. This adjustment of status grant story is particularly successful, because the case was originally in Removal Court.
I am very excited for expediting my clients’ immigrant visa processing with the US consulate in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. In the first case, the matter was pending after an I-601 waiver was filed for adjudication. Once the waiver was approved, the consulate was closed for a significant time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Congratulations to our client and her spouse for having just been issued an Immigrant Visa at the US Consulate in Guatemala City, Guatemala. After being in the US for about 7 years, our client was able to go back to her country of origin to see her family again and attend her immigrant visa interview.
Genova Law represented a client in removal proceedings. The client came to us a couple needing representation filing for asylum due to the 25 years of domestic violence she endured. When Genova Law got the case, it was already more than one year since the client had entered the country.
Genova Law is thrilled for our client’s successful Motion to Terminate removal proceedings.  A successful motion to terminate means that our client no longer needs to appear before the Immigration court. The client’s immigration history is now free from the burden of the removal process.
Congratulations on our client’s work permit approval. This work permit was on the basis of a pending Adjustment of Status application. We are used to work permit issuance of no more than 4-5 months, however, this past year we witnessed much longer processing times.


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