How to Sponsor Your Siblings to the USA? Here Is the Fastest Way

Fastest Way to Sponsor Your Siblings to the USA


Staying alone in another country without your family members can be boring and lonely. Therefore, bringing your sibling to the country where you live is a great way to ensure family reunification. 

Are you in the US and you’re looking for the fastest way to bring your siblings to the USA? Here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about immigration for siblings, US citizen petition for siblings, sibling petition wait time, and so on. 

For you to bring your family to the USA, you have to undergo the family sponsorship process. This will enable them to have a Family-Based Green Card. Note that you have to be a citizen of the USA to go through this process. 

This process takes around 10 to 25 years. However, there are faster ways to achieve this process. For instance, if they get a job in the US, they can acquire a work visa in weeks. This lasts for about 6 years and it is not permanent. Only a Green Card can guarantee your sibling permanent immigration status.

Eligibility Criteria for Sibling Sponsorships for USA

Certain requirements will determine if you are eligible to bring your sibling to the USA. They are:

  • They are your siblings legally. It could be by adoption, birth, half-siblings (paternal) or step-parents.
  • You are a citizen of the US. If you are a permanent resident, you cannot sponsor your siblings.
  • You have to be above the age of 21 years.
sponsor siblings to the usa

Understanding the Fastest Way to Bring Sibling to the USA

The fastest way to bring a family member to the US is through the Immediate Relative category. They include:

  • Parents of the US citizen
  • Children of the US citizen who is below 21 and unmarried.
  • Spouses of the US citizen

Family members who do not fall under this category can go through the Family Preference Category.

The fastest way to bring sibling to the USA is to start the application process early.

5 Steps to Sponsor Siblings to USA

After you check your availability, follow the five steps you need to complete to bring your sibling to the USA

  • File Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative:  
  • Receive Form I-130 Approval and Proceed to the National Visa Center: Approval time usually takes about 2 to 5 years, although it may take longer. This involves waiting for your priority date to become current. If your sibling is already in the US, they need to file Form I-485  to adjust their status.
  • Go to the National Visa Center and file Form I-864, Affidavit of Support: You will file the affidavit of support along with DS-260: Online Immigrant Visa Application form, and other supporting documents. If the sibling is below the age of 21 years, you may need to undergo some processes for family reunification, you can talk to an immigration lawyer for help on that. Afterward, USCIS will schedule an interview, following an approval or denial of the petition
  • Bring Sibling to the U.S. on an Immigrant Visa: Ensure your spouse comes to the state before the visa expires.
  • Wait for the Permanent Resident Card: Once your sibling arrives in the US, the permanent residency card will go to the address you wrote on the form.

You need the following supporting documents to apply:

  • Birth certificate
  • Current photographs
  • Biography of the applicant
  • Financial information like bank statements
  • Documentation of W\work and academic background
  • References as to the character of the sibling
  • Criminal records (if there is any)

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How Long Does It Take for a Sibling to Petition?

The duration for approval of a petition varies, depending on several factors. These may include USCIS workload and the petitions that need to be dealt with. Also, if the petition has omissions or errors, it can affect the timeline.

Generally, a petition may take 2 years but this may extend to 2 – 5 years. There is also an extra waiting time for immigrant visas. This waiting time depends on the home country of the applicant and the visa quota in the Family-based preference category (F4). 

how to sponsor your sibling to the usa

Tips to Expedite the Process

Although you can ask for a faster review of the petition, it is rarely approved. The USCIS may consider this application based on the following circumstances:

  • An urgent emergency
  • A major financial hardship on the petitioner
  • If the case is of interest to the US government
  • Cases that are of humanitarian importance. 

 To submit a request for an expedition, a formal appeal will be submitted to the USCIS. Additionally, you will include evidence to back up your appeal. Other documents to be submitted include financial statements, medical documents, or documents relating to a job opportunity in the US.

To forward an expedited request, a formal written appeal must be presented to USCIS. This must be supplemented with concrete evidence to validate your reasons. 

FAQ on Fastest Way to Sponsor Your Siblings to the USA

How long does sibling green card take?

The waiting time to bring a sibling to the US is about  2 – 5 years or even longer. However, this depends on various factors.

How much does it cost to petition siblings to USA?

The filing fee for the petition form is about $535. Note that additional fees may apply if the sibling is already living in the US and applies for adjustment of status at the same time. Other fees may be apply and the filing fee may change depending on the USCIS.

how can I sponsor my brother to USA?

A citizen in the US can petition for his relatives to come to the US but they must be above the age of 21. Also, you must prove your relationship with your sibling. 

Can I petition my sister to USA if I have a green card?

No, a green card holder or permanent resident is not eligible to petition for their siblings to come to the US. us citizen petition for siblings is possible only if you’re a US citizen. If you became a citizen by naturalization, you may petition.

Can I petition my married sister to USA?

US adult citizens can sponsor their married and unmarried siblings, and their spouses, and their children can also move with them. However, the children have to be unmarried and be below the age of 21.

Conclusion on Fastest Way to Sponsor Your Siblings to the USA

Filing a petition to sponsor siblings to USA requires a lot of precision and care and has to be done to perfection. Otherwise, the petition may be denied or delayed. Which will further slow down the process. The fastest way to bring sibling to the US is by starting the petition early enough. 

Although you can apply to expedite the process, it must be in extreme circumstances, and it is barely approved by the USCIS. The best process is to file Form I-130 through a licensed immigration attorney.

Do You Need to Talk to an Immigration Attorney About the Fastest Way to Sponsor Your Siblings to the USA? 

Bringing a sibling to the US requires perfection to avoid delay or rejection of the petition, which is why you need an experienced attorney by dialing 914-481-8822. An attorney will provide you with all you need to do to make your process faster.


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