Adjustment of status is the process of applying for permanent residence through application I-485. In order to get to that stage though there are two requirement you must meet. First, you need to have an approved underlying petition (I-130 family based, I-589 asylum, I-360 VAWA, I-360 SIJ, I-360 other special immigrants, I-360 widow/er, I-918 U visa). Then, you must also be admissible. To be admissible is a term of art and we will discuss what that means separately.

The provisional unlawful presence waiver is a great program for permanent residence for people who entered without a visa, or with certain visas such as crewman’s (C1, D1), for K1 (Fiancée visa) overstays, and for those whose spouses are permanent residents and are unable to adjust status in the US.

VAWA protects victims of domestic violence. If you are reading this page, you have taken an important first step, and please read on further. There are options for victims of domestic violence and you may be able to obtain your residence without any cooperation from your abusive spouse, parent or child. This articles discusses options for victims of spousal abuse, victims of parental abuse and also victims of abusive adult children.

Your immigration interview date is an important milestone in your immigration journey in the US. You have come a long way by collecting a lot of documents, multiple meetings with your attorney, and thousands of dollars of fees. Take sometime to prepare carefully and diligently for your important day. We are here to provide you with some invaluable tips based on our years of experience with USCIS and EOIR.

There are two types of applications to renew your green card. First is renewal of your 10-year card because it is lost, stolen or about to expire.  And the second type is renewal of the temporary two-year card. The two types of renewals require different applications and different types of documentation in support. We will discuss both type of renewals below. 

U Visa is a great program for any undocumented person who has no other path to permanent residence. However, the downside of this program is that there is a statutory quota of only 10,000 visas per year and thus the wait now is over 10 years.

There are two separate terms – “citizenship” refers to birthright or derivative, and the other term is “naturalization”. Birthright citizenship refers to automatically becoming a citizen from birth. Whereas, derivative citizenship is based on citizenship derived from one parent. While naturalization is becoming a citizen after meeting certain criteria and filing an application. 

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We are very excited for our client’s adjustment of status grant and that he is now a permanent resident. This adjustment of status grant story is particularly successful, because the case was originally in Removal Court.
I am very excited for expediting my clients’ immigrant visa processing with the US consulate in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. In the first case, the matter was pending after an I-601 waiver was filed for adjudication. Once the waiver was approved, the consulate was closed for a significant time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Congratulations to our client and her spouse for having just been issued an Immigrant Visa at the US Consulate in Guatemala City, Guatemala. After being in the US for about 7 years, our client was able to go back to her country of origin to see her family again and attend her immigrant visa interview.