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Your immigration interview date is an important milestone in your immigration journey in the US. You have come a long way by collecting a lot of documents, multiple meetings with your attorney, and thousands of dollars of fees. Take sometime to prepare carefully and diligently for your important day. We are here to provide you with some invaluable tips based on our years of experience with USCIS and EOIR.

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First tip: Show up on time, or a bit early for your interview.

If you are late for your immigration interview with USCIS, there is a high likelihood that your case gets denied. Sometimes USCIS cancels the interview without a decision, but that is not very often. The most likely outcome is that your case is denied for lack of persecution.

Second Tip: Bring the correct documentation

If you show up to your interview with the incomplete or incorrect documentation, your case may get denied or rescheduled. If you are lucky for your case to be rescheduled, obtaining a new date may become a significant delay in the process.

Third Tip: Review your applications prior to your immigration interview

This step is so important, it may as well be the first tip. So many qualified applicants get denied, only because they do not know basic information simply because of lack of preparation. You need to review all the data in your forms as a way to prepare and also to make sure there are no overlooked errors.

Tip Four: Be Honest during your immigration interview

If the officer asks you a difficult question – do not make up an answer. You may feel like every question requires an answer, but it is never a good idea to make up an answer. A better solution is to ask the officer to rephrase the question or simply say “I do not know. I do not remember.”  Some interviews are recorder at the many interviews the officer takes notes. Both the recording of the immigration interview and the officer’s notes become a part of your file, of your record. You do not want to have dishonest answers anywhere in your file.  Remember, honesty is the best policy.

Tip Five: Can my attorney help me during the immigration interview?

The attorney’s role during the immigration interview is to observe the process. If an inappropriate question, or questions outside the scope of the interview are asked, the attorney may object. If the officer is making a legal error during the interview a supervisor may be called to intervene or stop the interview. Aside from this, your counsel cannot help you with the factual basis of the questioning.

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We are very excited for our client’s adjustment of status grant and that he is now a permanent resident. This adjustment of status grant story is particularly successful, because the case was originally in Removal Court.
I am very excited for expediting my clients’ immigrant visa processing with the US consulate in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. In the first case, the matter was pending after an I-601 waiver was filed for adjudication. Once the waiver was approved, the consulate was closed for a significant time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Congratulations to our client and her spouse for having just been issued an Immigrant Visa at the US Consulate in Guatemala City, Guatemala. After being in the US for about 7 years, our client was able to go back to her country of origin to see her family again and attend her immigrant visa interview.


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