Asylum Approval

Genova Law represented a client in removal proceedings. The client came to the firm needing representation filing for asylum due to the 25 years of domestic violence she endured. When Genova Law got the case, it was already more than one year since the client had entered the country. The law is requires an asylum application no later than one year after entering the US.


Regardless of this one-year bar, immigration attorney Gergana Genova made an argument with the Immigration Judge claiming exceptional circumstances. After three hours of very emotional testimony, the Immigration Judge found past persecution on the basis of a protected ground. The asylum grant is a great accomplishment for our client and for Genova Law.

With an asylum grant, our client can now live peacefully in the US. She never has to worry about going back to her country and facing her abuser.

Asylum approval for a client who suffered 25 years of domestic violence. The case also had a one- year issue.
Asylum approval notice from the Immigration Court in New York City

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