Work Permit with Cancellation of Removal


Work Permit with Cancellation of Removal as a defense when there is a deportation case pending in Immigration Court.

Who is eligible for a work permit in cancellation of removal?

Many people who enter unlawfully, or remain unlawfully, work and pay taxes for many years. However, many times they are not eligible for a work-permit or permanent residence.

Many people ask, “I have worked and paid taxes for more than 10 years. What am I eligible for?” They are referring to Cancellation of removal which is aka “the 10-year law.”

Cancellation of removal (COR) is not a program, where you can freely apply. With COR or the “10-year law,”  one can apply only if there is a deportation case pending. Many attorneys promise work permits and even green cards. However, the process is many times unethical and poses a risk of deportation.

What is the framework to get a work permit?

To obtain a work permit, some lawyers file asylum applications. Everyone who has an asylum application pending for 6 months gets a work permit. Eventually, there is an interview at the Asylum office, but very few people are approved. Most of the cases are denied.  When denied, the case goes straight to the deportation court. With the deportation case the immigrant can continue to obtain a work permit. And now aside from asylum there is an additional case – under the 10-year law.

Why are people so interested in Cancellation of Removal?

Because if the judge grants the application, then so is the Permanent residence. A work permit and eventually Permanent residence are the ultimate goal to so many immigrants. However, be mindful of the risks of deportation court. Because to get to apply for the 10-year law and the work permit, many lawyers will put you in deportation. What’s the risk of deportation? The risk is that the case may not be approved and at the end there may be a deportation order against you.Home » Work Permit with Cancellation of Removal


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